Officially licensed structures and scenery for use with Ambush Alley's Tomorrow's War

Tomorrow's War is a
miniatures war game of gritty futuristic combat, Tomorrow’s War projects the tactics and technology of today’s military conflicts hundreds of years into the future. While robot drones, anti-gravity vehicles, and advanced battle-suit technology have changed the face of warfare, the essentials of combined-arms tactics have remained constant. Using the popular Force on Force rules as a basis, Ambush Alley Games has created the most realistic and tactically challenging science fiction war game on the market.

The items in this category were developed in cooperation with Ambush Alley Games specifically for use with Tomorrow's War.  Please also browse our other 15mm categories for other items that may also be usable with Tomorrow's War but are not officially licensed by Ambush Alley Games.

Choose your destination from the two categories below, Structures for Humans or the Structures for Marshborn Crusties.

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City Tiles

Tiles measure 8.55" x 8.55" and are 100% compatible with our 15mm and 20mm Modular Road system.
From £3.53 (GBP)

Elevated Landing Pad With Large Elevator - 15MTW052

Landing pad is 4.120" high (104.6mm)
£11.78 (GBP)

Mech Hangar / Shop (15mm Version)- 15MMDF114

Kit made from .120" (3mm) MDF. Assembled model measures 13.2" x 4.24" x 6.82" tall (335mm x 108mm x 173mm tall). The inside dimensions of the hangar area are 5.82" wide, 6.2" tall and 4.0" front to back (148mm x 157mm x 102mm).
£23.53 (GBP)